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Longford Investment is an expanding group of private  businesses with portfolios of commercial

investment properties currently based mainly in South Wales and the West of England. It also manages property

assets of associated partners and owns and manages the head freeholds of various industrial estates.  


Founded in 2006 by Jane Gwillim-David the group quickly built up a portfolio of industrial property varying in unit

size from 46,000 square feet to 500 square feet. Longford’s strategy is to spread risk over a number of estates and

tenants in a wide range of business sectors. 


The group works hard to minimize voids and improve the quality of the properties in the portfolio with

continuous capital improvements and an annual maintenance program. It has a team of experienced and

dedicated people managing the portfolio. Our aim is to ensure that properties realize their full potential. 


Longford is acquisitive and seeks to grow its own investment portfolio though direct acquisition and joint ventures

and also through managing assets of third parties.  We are constantly looking for new opportunities and partners.

Agents interested in introducing properties, purchasers, tenants or joint venture partners should contact us.


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